Real Students with Real Stories

Carly Penny

"It has been hard for my family to afford tuition for me and my twin sister at the same time. The scholarship has helped me pursue my degree without having to acquire student loan debt or having to work full time."

Carly Penny
CSM Business Student
Scholarship Recipient


George Jenkins, young valedictorian

"Choosing CSM to begin college made so much sense.It was close to home so I didn’t need to pay for housing, the classes sizes were small compared to most universities, and the scholarship I earned is covering all of my expenses."

George Jenkins III
Valedictorian, Lackey High School
CSM Engineering Student


Susan Marie Newton, working mom

"No matter how many curve balls life threw at me, no matter how many times I wanted to give up, and no matter how challenging things seemed, the journey continued regardless."

Susan Marie Newton
Working Mom
CSM Graduate


"Without trucks moving products and materials around the country, the economy would come to a screeching halt in about three days. That makes the trucking industry pretty important to our country."

Taveres Jefferson
CSM Truck Driving Student
Army Veteran


"Ultimately, I want to work at Patuxent River Naval Air Station using my talents to help the military track spending and inefficiencies, and save taxpayers money, too."

Rachel Potts
CSM Student

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