Maryland Promise Scholarship

Maryland Promise Scholarship 2019 Facts and Figures

“Last dollar” state funds to help eligible high school students close financial gap

We are excited about the Promise Scholarship, a “last dollar, need-based” state scholarship, available next Fall 2019 to high school students within two years of graduation. While more financial aid is always good for our students, at this stage this program will be another way of helping some students, but not the majority, afford community college. There is $15 million in this new state scholarship fund to be shared among Maryland's 16 community colleges and half the undergraduates we educate statewide. Below is the information our college Financial Aid is sharing with prospective students and parents, and it should be noted that Maryland Promise Scholarship is NOT "free community college".

Our donors and alumni remain our strongest advocates for community college philanthropy and advocacy, and we want to make sure you have the facts and figures. The Maryland Promise “last dollar” state scholarship will help fill a "financial gap" after all other federal and state financial aid and CSM Foundation scholarships have been awarded to the student.

Your scholarships and support remain critical to the access and success of our students at CSM.

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