Scholarships with a Purpose

Goal: $5 million

CSM Foundation Chair and 1987 Alumna Christine Rush  and scholarship recipient Samuel Allen

Christine Rush graduated with her associate’s degree in 1987, continuing on to graduate summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's of international management from the University of Maryland. Today, she is the Chair of the College of Southern Maryland Foundation helping other students to fulfill their dreams.

"I moved to Southern Maryland fresh out of high school with $150 in my pocket and a place to live. I was ready for a change. Coming from a blue collar family of six out of small town U.S.A., college was not an option and a job was a necessity. After working for several years as a bank teller, I decided to take an Accounting course at the college with the hopes that it would enhance my career. For six or seven years, I attended classes at night and worked full time. At the end, I was so pleased and proud of what I had accomplished."

Christine Rush
CSM Foundation Chair and 1987 Alumna
Pictured with scholarship recipient Samuel Allen

We strongly believe that EVERYONE should have access to a college education or post-secondary training, no one should be denied because of affordability. College education and workforce training continue to be of value and a requisite for upward mobility in the workplace; however, the cost of post-secondary education has become a “major barrier of entry” for many. And, for those whose only option is to attend college by assuming student loans, they are often strapped, sometimes without completing a credential, with many years of burdensome debt preventing them from buying a car or a home. This unfortunate trend has resulted in a $1 trillion national student loan crisis, a grave concern for our future.

For the workforce training students, they have no options for financial assistance, except, possibly a private loan. Scholarships with a purpose address affordability and access to help students overcome the obstacles of success.

CSM pledges to do everything it can to remain affordable, accessible and a first choice provider. Transform tomorrow and provide scholarships to students with financial need, high achievers, and workforce and career development students to address affordability, access, and completion by:

  • attracting the high-achieving and brightest students;
  • assisting those most in need of financial support;
  • supporting students in career development and trades programs.

Your support will open doors, keep tuition affordable and minimize student loan debt.


Invest today in a $5 million fund to provide scholarships with a strategic purpose:

  • New Presidential Scholars Merit Scholarship (Calvert)
  • New Academic Excellence Scholarships (Charles & St. Mary’s)
  • New Completion Scholarship (Tri-county)
  • Trueman Scholarship Match (Calvert)
  • Jaycees Scholarship Match (Charles)
  • Career Starters Scholarships (Tri-county)
  • Create new funds

Points of Distinction

  • CSM Foundation awarded 327 academic scholarships and 323 Career Starter scholarships in 2014-2015 supporting healthcare, transportation, plumbing, construction, welding, nursing and healthcare.
  • Students saved more than $29,000 when graduating with an associate’s degree from CSM. CSM is one-third the cost of a four-year public university, such as University of Maryland, and one-tenth the cost of a private college, such as Johns Hopkins University.
  • CSM offers guaranteed transfer and admission to more than 50 colleges and universities.
  • More than 1,700 students transferred to 215 different colleges and universities in 45 states and the District of Columbia last year.
  • CSM was the first choice for Lackey High School’s 2014 Valedictorian.
  • 3 of 5 local, public high school graduates start college at CSM.
  • 97% of CSM students surveyed report achieving their goals.
  • Students enjoy a 15.2% rate of return on their investment in CSM.
  • The average income at the career midpoint of someone with an associate’s degree in the CSM Service Area is $48,000, 35% more than a student with a high school diploma.