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Join the CSM Foundation and your community in the $10 million MAKE An IMPACT campaign. Your investment today will help transform tomorrow.

Thank You for Making Your Impact on #IMPACTTuesday!

IMPACT TuesdayWith your gift we were able to raise $68,202 with 263 unique donors. Thank you for coming together as a community on #ImpactTuesday to help launch our $10 million MAKE An IMPACT campaign during our fifth annual #GivingTuesday event! Your investment will transform lives, inspire success, and influence careers in our Southern Maryland community and beyond. Look forward to our upcoming #ImpactTuesday announcements and celebrations as we move closer to the college’s 60th anniversary in 2018 and share the IMPACT your generosity has on our students and the community.


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Our Initiatives


graduation in his cap and gownScholarships with a Purpose

Goal: $5 million

Scholarship funds will strategically address affordability, access, and completion   1) by supporting students with financial need; 2) attracting the high achievers; 3) assisting the workforce and career development students who cannot obtain tuition assistance; 4) ensuring timely completion and graduation.



Biology student working in a labTransformative Programs, Technology, and Facilities

Goal: $3 million

Introducing transformative programs, facilities and technology is key to the region's future of our workforce. The new Regional Campus will be centrally located in Hughesville offering specialized programs in high-demand growth areas in the trades, health sciences, nursing, the arts, as well as athletic fields. New programs will also be developed with the input of local businesses to meet growing, workforce demands such as cybersecurity, mechatronics, and others.

Funds will provide the flexibility and ability to develop more new and enhanced programs to meet growing workforce demands such as cybersecurity, mechatronics, and others. Support is also needed to serve special groups, such as: veterans, minority underachievers, students with disabilities, etc. to provide the programs and services needed to help them succeed.



Lacrosse studentCSM Entrepreneur, Innovation, and Partnership Fund

Goal: $2 million

CSM is a leader in the community working with businesses and organizations to create economic and socio-economic solutions such as the Institutes for STEM, Nonprofits, and Diversity. Because our region is comprised of mostly small businesses, the next transformative approach will be to develop an Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute creating an environment to help students, start-ups, and businesses accelerate and innovate.

The IMPACT campaign will allow the college to lead the community in promoting and helping entrepreneurs grow, thrive, and succeed in innovative and stimulating ways. Partnerships and collaborations among education, business, government, and nonprofits will be key to a healthy economy and the general welfare of our community.


Revenue Report

Inspire Initiative

Goal: $5M

Influence Initiative

Programs, Facilities, Technology
Goal: $3M

Innovate Initiative

Entrepreneur, Innovation
Goal: $2M


Including $779,912 in
Additional Donations
Goal: $10M

All Revenue Raised as of October 31, 2016

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