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Jolynn (Savia) Tarwater

Jolynn (Savia) Tarwater

Jolynn (Savia) Tarwater

What year did you graduate?

I graduated from CSM in 1989 with an AA degree, when it was Charles County Community College.

Why did you choose CSM?

After I graduated from La Plata High School in 1987 I was not quite sure what I wanted to study and I also did not have the financial means to go away to a four year college. CSM was a great option to provide a strong academic foundation, gave me time to explore different courses of study, and to save money for my Bachelor’s degree.

What are you doing now (occupation, where you live, etc.)?

After Towson, I came home and taught at Mt. Hope Elementary School for six years. My husband, Bobby and I moved to Rockville, Maryland where I have been an educator in Montgomery County Public Schools for the last 18 years. I'm now the principal at Brooke Grove Elementary in Olney. I have three sons, Logan, 20; Stone, 17; and Avery, 16.

What is your favorite CSM memory?

I have a lot of great memories. I met and made some of my best friends there. I remember doing the “Double Dare Challenge” with my awesome teammate, Toni Zanelotti and hanging out in the cafeteria, playing the jukebox between classes. I also fondly remember the college-organized trip to the Bahamas.

How did CSM prepare you for what you are doing today?

At CSM the classes were small and the instructors were strong. CSM provided positive learning environments that allowed me to develop critical thinking skills and build confidence as a learner. I took a great communications class that helped me to begin developing effective communication and interpersonal skills, which are both essential as an educator and a leader.

Did you transfer to another institution after graduation? If so, where and what degree did you acquire?

I got my AA degree in General Studies and transferred in to Towson University as a junior, where I majored in Elementary Education. I later went to McDaniel College where I earned a Master’s of Science in Curriculum & Instruction.

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